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ConStrictcon - the live journal

July 11th, 2016

Panels @ 07:03 pm

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The polling has ended.

Panels that didn't make the cut are the DCU Movie panel, Dead Like Lincoln, and Rare Pairs. I imagine we could make time in the DCU on tv panel to discuss BvsS and Suicide Squad if folks want, and the Dead Like Lincoln and Rare pairs fit with the recs panel if you squint.

The Charles and Erik panel will take the Dead Like Lincoln slot (Sun @ 2)

Why/How We Get Involved in Certain Fandoms will take the Sat @ 3 slot, with the Bad Boys panel shifting to Friday at 10 -- first panel of the con.  If the folks who proposed the panels disagree with the times, please make a suggestion as to when you'd prefer it to be and I'll see about moving things, although someone has to be first each day ... Kadymae, if there is a panel on Friday you really, really wanted to attend, I will also consider shifting something to Sat or Sun when you can make it. A note to how I schedule: I try to put the fandom specific panels to either side of the break, and then as the last of the day, so that folks who don't care to attend can have a longer time slot to go offsite or something.

I also seem to remember that folks asked to shift the lunch break to 1p instead of noon, which I will be doing. This way we'll have three panels before the break and four afterward.
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ConStrictcon - the live journal