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July 5th, 2016

2016 Panel Polls @ 11:44 am

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I've put up to polls that will run through the weekend.

https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ConStrict/polls/poll/13267289#122671480 is the fandom specific panels while
https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ConStrict/polls/poll/13267300#122671520 handles the meta ideas and workshops.

Please vote, as the ones that get the lowest numbers will be cut to make room for the higher vote getters.

I believe I have added all the panels we've brought up in the latest discussions except for the Supernatural one, which I'm adding now.

Turns out I can't add a new option to an existing poll, so please comment on one of the posts of you want to attend a Supernatural panel.

July 3rd, 2016

Intro Posts @ 10:26 am


Write Out has suggested we do intro posts for the new attendee(s) to get an idea of who all we are.  I said I'd start it.

I write and produce 'art' and vids, under nom de net: sian1359. I'm old enough to get a senior discount at a few places, and I've been fannish since the late 70s. Star Wars The Phantom Menace is what brought me back into the fanfic et al end of things, though I have since moved on. For a while I was big into Stargate Atlantis, and I'm currently mostly into the MCU, being Clint Barton/Hawkeye obsessed. I mostly ship him with Phil Coulson, but I'll read him in almost any slash pairing (or an OT3 with Natasha and/or Laura), and I'm dabbling into "WinterHawk" (Bucky/Clint). Any fandom I spent time reading or viewing, however, I will still visit upon occassion, as I never completely fall out of love.

My 'day' job is selling movie & television memoribilia at conventions and on-line (used to have a brick & mortar store but no more -- thanks, Amazon/internet shopping), so I travel extensively, always driving, and I'd like to say that's a big part of why I've stayed fannish for the last two decades intead of gaffiating out again. No kids or pets (I'm allergic -- yes, to both) and I've been happily married to my husband for 32 years.

Con*Strict came about when the organizers of a Bay Area (Northern California) con decided to call it a day 18 years ago and they gifted me with their blessings and attendee list to keep something going. The con moved away from it's fall dates due to a number of circumstances, and moved to Las Vegas when I did, choosing July to replace Mountain Media con which was also folding. And before you all squawk about Vegas in July, don't forget that our heat index is generally cooler than the DC area, or Houston, since while we get 110+ degree weather, it's usually coupled with 3-8% humidity. July can be the 'monsoon' season, however, which does raise the humidity -- and the flooding (just three days ago for instance) -- but overall we've been lucky during the con, and enough of you haven't been too miserable not to come back.

I consider Con*Strict my 'Girl's Weekend Out' with 20-30 of my closest friends (including a couple of guys) :)

July 2nd, 2016

2016 Preliminary Panel Schedule and Descriptions @ 11:46 am


There is a spreadsheet (two worksheets -- check the bottom) with the preliminary schedule and panel descriptions (in no particular order), posted as an attachment on the Yahoogroup https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ConStrict/conversations/messages/3397. At the moment, the divide between fandom specific and meta is basically even (depending on how you classify a couple panels).

Panel ideas/fandoms NOT scheduled this year are:

Dr. Who

and one about how our interests and likes (such as tropes) have changed over the years

I also decided a discussion about new pairings or changed pairings in existing fandoms could be part of the recs panel, so it's no longer a stand-alone one.

If there is clamoring for anything above not scheduled (or a new panel someone really wants to participate in), it's possible that we could switch the photoshop and/or vidding panel to the breakout room and hold an added panel in the main room at the same time, ala the origami or flashslash (if there is one this year) sessions.  (Katbear, if you want to chime in now about when you want to do origami, or someone else want to pick their time for a secondary session, I have no problem making it an official listing before the con instead of figuring it out at con.)

I can put up a poll to have everyone rate the panels with a yes/no on planned attendance, then restructure stuff, or we can have a basic discussion across the on-line platforms and see if there are changes we should make. (We at least need a discussion about whether there should be a poll ;) I dropped the SPN panel, for instance, as it doesn't seem we have the breadth of SPN fans attending that we used to, but if there is still enough interest, it can come back.  I scheduled two Marvel Civil War panels, because it seems like there is a discussion regarding the divide within the movie itself, and one about everything else the movie sets up (or just about how hot certain actors/characters are), but we could drop one (or change the timing of a couple of panels and just make one Civil War panel 1 1/2 hours and something else 1/2). I don't see us staring earlier (since starting on time is already a bit of a struggle), but we could also drop lunch or go till 7 instead of 6 on a day or two (especially Saturday, if the off-site movie thing has become too much of a bother), if we want to add everything above back in. While there is some nightime scheduling, the games or a bad movie could definitely start a little later. I do want to have us out of the function spaces by midnight on Friday and Saturday, however, as I need to sleep a few hours (and it's my responsibility to make sure the rooms get locked up).

So .... thoughts, please.

June 29th, 2016

Soft and Hard Deadlines @ 04:45 pm


 If you are submitting something for the zine and/or vid show, tomorrow is the soft deadline to have it to me (or at least have info/confirmation to me).  Monday, the 4th, is the mostly hard deadline, with the 9th being the absolutely last day I could receive stuff and not loose my mind trying to rearrange and finish stuff.  Would still love to have more contributions.

I expect to have the preliminary programming schedule done and posted by Friday/Saturday.

-- S

Photoshop panel? @ 09:47 am

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Not that I'm any sort of expert or anything, but if there is time in the schedule, would there be any interest in me doing a photoshop panel that basically goes through how I do various techniques for the frontispieces?

- S

June 22nd, 2016

2016 Membership List and Hotel Reservations @ 01:42 pm



Here is the list of paid/roll over memberships for 2016.

If you do not see your name on the list, but you expected to, please email me directly at sian1359 @ yahoo . com.

If you cannot attend this year and need your membership rolled over, please email me directly (and please confirm -- Jennifer for instance -- that you will still be unable to attend)

If you wish for a different name on your badge, please let me know by 6/30

If there is an * after your name, that means I do not have badge information (bringing own, supplying artwork by 6/30, submitting a request by 6/30). If I do not hear from you regarding this, I will make up one for you that will likely be silly or mocking.

If there is an % after your name, that means I do not know how you feel about RPS in your conzine cd (not that I have any RPS stories submitted at this time). I will assume the answer is no RPS if I do not hear from you regarding this.

Calysta Rose*%
Chat Noir*%
Clever Manka%

People who've indicated they are attending but have not yet paid (not a problem, just please confirm your attendance at this time, and provide the required badge/zine info if I don't have it):

Office Quasar Backscratcher*%

People who have a roll over membership from a previous year, but I have not heard that they are attending:


June 8th, 2016

Alternative Option for Sat Movie or Sunday aftercon thingy @ 04:18 pm


Is there any interest in a group of us doing this? They don't go into a lot, but I'm hoping to find a review in one of the local magazines or newspaper.  Looks like it runs $34 per person. I don't know if they have a locals deal, but ...



May 23rd, 2016

Zine & Vid Deadlines @ 08:32 am

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Since I've been asked by a couple of people...

I would love to have fanworks by the end of June.  If you can let me know the title/song, fandom, and an approximate page count or length of the vid, I could probably still insert things if I have it by the 4th.

May 21st, 2016

It's Time To Put Together A Convention @ 03:16 pm

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It's that time again.

Time to let me know who is writing a story or doing up some sort of art or other fanwork  for the sweet sixteen/first time/transition zine?

Time to let me know if you're planning on submitting a vid for the vid show.

Time to start suggesting panel ideas. Do we want to...

... Talk the politics of Civil War or how cool Sam Wilson is?
... Speculate about whether folding Supergirl into the DCU TV canon of the CW is a good idea, or whether they should have just left us with our fond memories of the show?
... Marvel at how Supernatural is getting another year!
... Hold a wake for Agent Carter the series, for Castle, or certain characters that are now dead like Lincoln
... How wide the age gap is within fandom when it comes to politics, social media platforms, zine appreciation, and talking back to the stars and creators of tv shows
... Decry queerbaiting and other teases by TPTB to get fans to talk up their favorite shows and movies
... Debate whether The Force Awakens breathed new life into a stagnant fandom, or told the same old story one more time.
... Apologize for or bravely shout out to liking Lucifer, Legends of Tomorrow, Heroes Reborn or the other new shows of the season
... Beg Chris Carter to stop with the X-Files already
... Celebrate StormPilot; WinterHawk; Rogue Canary and other new ships

The above topics are some that I've seen showing up within the small circles of fandom I circulate within. Some are even my opinions or ships, but by no means are the takes above to be taken for gospel if you want to discuss a different aspect of what I might have been alluding. They're just to spark ideas -- or might end up becoming the panels if no one speaks up for their interests ;)
Once I get a selection of 20+ suggestions, I'll put together a poll again, broken down into fandom specific, meta, nuts and bolts/how-to and have everyone rate the ones they think they'd like to attend.

I'll also put together the current membership list and post it probably tomorrow. You can also let me know badge details (whether you're doing your own, want me to put something together or that you'll be sending me an image) at any time.

February 9th, 2016

2016 Dates? @ 09:50 pm

I'm surely crazy; I'm sure I've seen them, but now I'm looking and can't find:

What are the 2016 con dates?



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