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2009 Preliminary Panel Schedule

Okay.  I tried to incorporate as many of your ideas as I could and a couple might have been blended or made meta.  Someone always has to start and since it's the TPM 10th anniversary, I'm beginning and ending the con with what I felt were the broadest appealing of all the suggestions. 

There are a couple single fandom specific panels, more multi-fandom panels and targeted meta.  There are 101 Basic panels for the usual creative fandom pursuits.  The Stuart remembrance panel is scheduled at 5:00pm Saturday.

If we keep the lunch breaks, dinner breaks and formally end the con at 5:00 on Sunday, we're full.  I will happily add in more panels if we're missing something (there is no Stargate panel for instance), but those would cut into the breaks -- which I've never been sure whether folks want them or not.  (We do still have to abide by the no outside food/drink in the function rooms so we can't just eat through a panel unless we spend some $$$ getting it from the hotel). 

Potential movie night new movies (if we're still doing that) would be Public Enemies, Ice Age, Bruno*, Humpday* -- sorry, HP doesn't come out until the following week.  I have no idea if Bruno or Humpday will get wide release, but they are the two with "obvious" gay content. 

If you want to volunteer to host or co-host a panel, let me know.  We've always done pretty well without formal mods; Trudy's volunteered on a couple but I didn't want to make her do the duty if we're not going that way for a majority. 

Barb, yes, I'm hoping that you will take the lead in the art 101 panel anyway.

SPN people, I'm assuming it's all about Castiel now with you as it seems to be in the con end of the fandom?  I can certainly change the emphasis if you'd prefer -- or we can skip a SPN panel if folks would rather talk about something/one else.

I'm not really looking to change out times for panels, but I'll listen to compelling arguments.

Ki -- you're just going to have to get to the con on time Friday if you want to be in the TPM Then and Now panel ;)

Gloriana -- if you (or anyone else) are interested in workshops or 'private' panels, look things over and give me your timing for scheduling them in the lounge -- we're probably in the Opals again this year since we're small, so we'll need to be mindful of each other noise-wise and taking up all the space with laptops. 

If you have powerstrips, feel free to bring them and, yes, the rooms will be locked down at night (and we've never had trouble in the past), however, leaving laptops and other expensive tech in the function rooms overnight probably isn't a good idea.  Hotel staff could have access to clean up, so  ...

The Schedule:

4:00/Early Registration in the Con Suite (TBA):  (Packet stuffing might happen around 3:00)
8:00/Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Showing


09:00/Coffee & Snacks
09:30/Welcome & Announcements
10:00/TPM: Now & Then:  What brought you in?  Did you stay?  Have you refocused within the fandom?  Do you ignore everything after TPM?
11:00/Shifting Sands: Being Left Behind:  New fandoms, new OTPs, dead fandoms -- How do you keep going when everyone's moved on?
Noon/Lunch Break (Fruit & Veggie Trays will be available)
01:00/Writing 101: The Basics:  Putting it all together:  Plot; POV; Long vs Short; Outlines; Original Characters
02:00/When the Silver Screen Becomes FourColor: Comics in the Movies:  Wolverine, Watchman, Ironman and more
03:00/New Fandoms: The King is Dead; Long Live the King:  Is Merlin the next big thing?  Why not Burn Notice?  Leverage?  Eureka? Psych?
04:00/Old Fandoms: The Comeback Kids:  Starsky & Hutch, Pros, Man From UNCLE
05:00/Vidding 101: The Basics:  Let's talk technique and craft (as opposed to tech)
06:00/Dinner Break
07:00/Meet & Greet Reception and Party Games, hosted by Emu:  There will be cake
08:00/Let the Games Continue
09:00/Vid Show


10:00/Pimping 101: What are people missing?  (can be fandoms, stories, tech)
11:00/ARs & AUs: Why do some fandoms and characters really work here?
Noon/Lunch Break (cheese & crackers sometime around here)
01:00/FemmeSlash: Our Dirty Little Secret: Beyond the obvious with HP & the Sarah Connor Chronicles, where else are we seeing it and who's writing it?
02:00/Open vs Closed Fandoms: How to stay creative when there is no new canon or the canon is constantly evolving
03:00/On-Line Resources: Writers Guides, Public Domain Art sites, Vidding Communities -- where do you go for advice, inspiration and tips?
04:00/Supernatural's New OTP: Is it all about Castiel now?
05:00/Remembering Stuart/Minotaur
06:00/Dinner & a Movie (or a Show) or Bad Movies in the Lounge
10:00/Plushy Theatre in the Lounge

10:00/Geeks & the Girls Who Love Them: It's the age of the geek thanks to Numb3rs, NCIS, Bones, Big Bang Theory and others.
11:00/Art 101: The Basics: How to come up with ideas, sketch them down, make mock-ups and other ways to translate something in your head to a piece of paper or a computer screen
12:00/Lunch Break (desert will be served after)
01:00/ Science vs Magic or SciFi vs Fantasy: (Katbear, I wasn't sure where you wanted to go here)
02:00/A Boy Named Sue: The Woobies of Fandom:  Why is X always the bottom and what if you think Y should be?  Does Bottom = Fragile?  (Why) Are we still assigning gender roles in same sex pairings?
03:00/Rebooting Fandoms: Star Trek is just the latest.  Dr. Who, Comic or Book fandoms into movie fandoms; what are the fannish rewards and frustrations w/ a reboot? What are common challenges and patterns?
04:00/TPM Remembrances & Recs: Favorite stories, art, vids, toys, memories…
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