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ConStrictcon - the live journal

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Con*Strict is a small, friendly little slashcon held every July in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. There is one program stream, a relaxed, low-key atmosphere, and great pool-side conversations (only in Las Vegas can you comfortably swim at midnight). The con hotel is just off the strip, so no tobacco fumes to tangle with but the bright lights are just round the corner, and there's a full-fledged casino next door.

For 2016 the details are:

Dates: July 15-17
Hotel: Comfort Inn & Suites
475 Marks St.
Henderson, NV 89014

(This is the same hotel as last year, near shopping, food, and a casino/resort; about 10 miles from The Strip, and from the Airport)

Hotel Rates: $74 Standard King or Two Queens
$84 King Suite

The hotel phone number is 702-387-6500 and you can begin making reservations at any time

Membership Rate: $80

Zine Theme: Sweet Sixteen --

first kisses,
high school AUs,
coming outs
any transitional themed work.

Sixteen is also the anniversary celebrated with wax, topaz,
is the symbol for wholeness, and for perfect completeness.

For membership contact details etc, please visit the webpage. Discussion also happens on the Con*Strict yahoo group, from which information will be crossposted to this journal.